Reiki healing for animals and people

With Jason Wickens

Reiki Kanji

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing therapy that helps to gently restore balance of your mind, body and soul. The relaxing sessions will help your stresses melt away and be replaced by a feeling of happiness and contentment.

Reiki Kanji

How can Reiki help?


Reiki can work at healing emotional blockages and clearing negative emotional patterns that may have been there for years.


Reiki can help physical issues clear up and is known to speed up the healing process from wounds and operations.


By helping to clear stress from our minds Reiki allows us to think clearer and feel like our true selves.

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Hands-on and distant reiki appointments available
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I have been having healing for my shih tzu for quite a time with Jason. I would highly recommend his service to anyone seeking healing for their pet, as I definately see an improvement in my dog during these healing sessions. I have just booked another 3 sessions. Thank you Jason.


Reiki is my monthly treat, forget facials and manicures, reiki is the all in treat for me. Stress levels for me lately have been very high but with Jason's help I am beginning to feel more in control and have a general feeling of calm. I am also getting to know myself better again, I think sometimes as we get older we lose ourselves. My advice is give it a go and see the changes. Thanks so much Jason.


I have been having Reiki with Jason for a couple of months now. I primarily decided to try Reiki to combat my increasing work related stress levels which were badly affecting my health, I had developed a racing or intermittent heart beat and had been told by my doctor that stress was causing it. Since I have started Reiki with Jason these symptoms have completely gone away which in itself is a huge relief and I find the sessions have a strong calming affect on my life.i will continue to have Reiki with Jason as I believe the sessions with him have contributed massively to my health and well-being.